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Le Zap People du 7 avril

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  • 26 mai Shakira @shakira
    RT @AppleMusic: 🚨🚨 Listen to @Shakira's #ElDorado for the first time right now only on @Beats1. https://t.co/0nRk2iOW5Q https://t.co/z8bjYK…
  • 26 mai Shakira @shakira
    RT @Beats1: Hear @Shakira's #ElDorado from top to bottom right now! Press ▶️ on @AppleMusic. It's happening: https://t.co/rAPwDbKt1V https:…
  • 26 mai Shakira @shakira
    RT @Beats1: "I said, 'I'm just going to make the kind of music that I know how to make and I'm gonna do it for me.'" @Shakira https://t.co/…