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  • 22 avr Paris Hilton @ParisHilton
    My mood when I take my 💝💕🚗 for a ride 💓💅🏼 #LovesIt #ConfidenceIsSexy ✨ #ThatsHot https://t.co/n5LYD0UUUu
  • 22 avr Miley Ray Cyrus @MileyCyrus
    ....where are we going @thekidlaroi? BTW I think they want us to drop the remix. https://t.co/grKoKHvACx
  • 22 avr Paris Hilton @ParisHilton
    RT @Friendswithyou: when art can become more than its makers/ collectors, it will become a new force that can bring light and evolution to…