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  • 27 mai KATY PERRY @katyperry
    Gather your (shoe) friends around and tune in to @QVC at 9:00pm ET tonight! And see a sneak preview of the special… https://t.co/PLtjTLjpGx
  • 26 mai Paris Hilton @ParisHilton
    My #ParisHiltonMerch 😍🔥 #Sliving Collection is available now! ⚡️Get yours today at https://t.co/avR0A5zF0v 💋… https://t.co/QU8hTJMx7L
  • 26 mai Lady Gaga @ladygaga
    Are we thirsty or what @arianagrande?? BRING ON THE RAIN ⛈ #RainOnMe @weatherchannel https://t.co/eX18JePJqg https://t.co/3GMD11ZNhx