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  • 19 avr KATY PERRY @katyperry
    The rumors are true #americanidol has a diva problem and it’s @LionelRichie and @LukeBryanOnline 🙄 this was filmed… https://t.co/ClAGraIeCQ
  • 18 avr Paris Hilton @ParisHilton
    RT @Liquorgirl3: @ParisHilton @blakekathryn @Paris Hilton has shown the #nftindustry that she's here to stay, with her consistency and dedi…
  • 18 avr Paris Hilton @ParisHilton
    RT @KrunchXBT: Even though I didnt win the auction, I am glad to have been apart of it as history was made! I know the piece will join a gr…