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  • 09 juil Non Stop People @NonStopPeople
    Enrico Macias donne des nouvelles pour la première fois après sa chute https://t.co/ScxoJxsEQa https://t.co/ff3SAZjpJq
  • 09 juil KATY PERRY @katyperry
    I wrote the title track from the album when I was coming through one of the darkest periods of my life and had lost… https://t.co/oK8Aomacl7
  • 09 juil KATY PERRY @katyperry
    Step right up! Step right up! 🎪 KP5 is called 🙂 #SMILE 🙂 Listen to the song at midnight local time Friday, July 10… https://t.co/hAyh515hNs