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    Pharrell Williams en playback au Montreux Jazz Festival ?
    Mercredi 09 Juillet - 14:16
    A l’occasion du Montreux Jazz Festival, l’interprète de "Happy" a donné un concert perçu comme trop court selon ses fans. Certains ont également pensé qu’il avait fait sa performance en playback....
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  • 20 mar KATY PERRY @katyperry
    One time I heard a rumor that Mariah Carey used to have puppies backstage at her request to make her feel happy and… https://t.co/2AOQTf6GhM
  • 20 mar KATY PERRY @katyperry
    Sorry i got distracted by an authentic pisco sour. Standby for my live tweets now...they’re gonna be “inspired” 🥂
  • 20 mar KATY PERRY @katyperry
    Your mom is shining down on you from heaven with a big beautiful smile @brandonelder10 ❤#americanidol