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Patrice Laffont

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  • 26 fév Paris Hilton @ParisHilton
    Yesterday, @GloriaAllred announced that she filed a case in Utah on behalf of Hannah, a survivor of a Troubled Teen… https://t.co/mWfmz0EqHu
  • 26 fév Britney Spears @britneyspears
    I still have this same suit in my closet 🙊💋✨ !!!! Who triple dog dares me to pull it out 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ 🤔 ???? #TBT 📷:… https://t.co/yubhkgUJG0
  • 25 fév Paris Hilton @ParisHilton
    Looking chic at my Sweet 16 Birthday. ✨👸🏼✨ #TeenParis 🌹 #ThrowbackThursday ⚡️ https://t.co/PZNm9VRi7w