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    Patrick Dempsey : Adieu Grey's Anatomy ?
    Mardi 05 Août - 17:18
    L’acteur phare de Greys Anatomy pourrait bien troquer sa blouse de médecin pour celle de pilote. Dans un entretien pour le New York Times, il a avoué songer à "s’engager totalement" pour sa...
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  • 22 Jan xoxo, Joanne @ladygaga

    #WomensMarchOnWashington I'm so proud to be a woman alive during this time. Look how strong we are. And there for… https://t.co/wuqgCEr8Al

  • 22 Jan P!nk @Pink

    Today was a beautiful day to be proud of. Im proud to have a voice, to have the courage to use it. I'm proud to be a woman, I'm proud of us.

  • 22 Jan P!nk @Pink

    RT @red_fang_25: @Pink funny how they tell you to stay out of politics because you're a celebrity meanwhile they voted in the reality star